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Mentoring Program FAQ

What is mentoring?
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a mentor is defined as “someone who teaches or
gives help and advice to a less experienced and often young person.” Mentoring is the act of this
relationship between two professionals.

What is the Chamber Mentoring Program/what are the objectives of the program?
The pilot program is an 8 month program that will match a member of the Next Execs with a seasoned professional from the Chamber.  The propose of the program is to develop and support the community’s future leaders.

Who is eligible to participate?
Mentees – Young professionals, ages 21- 40, who are members of the Bethesda Chamber of Commerce.
Mentors – Seasoned professionals and leaders in the Chamber who interested in giving back by developing a one-on-one relationship and providing guidance to a Chamber young professional.

Who are the mentors/how are they selected?
Mentors are recruited from within the Chamber’s membership; they are experienced professionals and leaders that are looking to give back through this type of opportunity. All mentors complete an application, just like mentees. These applications work to screen individuals and match the mentee with a mentor that aligns with their goals.

Why is there a fee?
There is a $35 commitment fee for the mentees for the pilot program year; it will help cover some of the administrative costs and also shows a level of commitment.

When am I charged the mentorship program fee?
You must pay the program fee in order to have your application processed. The deadline for payment is January 18th. .

How does the matching process work?
1. Submit an application to become a mentee – deadline for applications is January 18th.
2. Your application is reviewed by the Mentoring Program Match Committee.
3. The Match Committee compares your interest to available candidates in the mentor pool.
4. If there is a good fit, a mentor is assigned and a match is made. If there is not a good fit you will be notified and encouraged to apply again next year.  All mentees will be notified by January 31st.
5. The mentor and mentee information is shared and the first meeting is scheduled.
6. The mentorship meetings occur monthly. A match support specialist will follow up with the
mentor and mentee to ensure the relationship is meeting both their needs.
7. Meetings continue 7 months.
8. After this period, the official match sponsored by the Chamber ends, however matches can continue meeting on their own.

What are my responsibilities as a mentee?
As the mentee, you are responsible for driving this relationship. Mentees will schedule all
meetings after the initial meeting with their mentor. Mentees must be respectful of their mentor’s time. If a meeting needs to be rescheduled, adequate notice must be provided. They will be prepared for their meetings. The mentee will ask for the mentor’s opinions and advice. Most importantly, the mentee will take responsibility for his/her growth and success. Let the Mentor Program Contacts and your mentor know if you are no longer interested in being mentored.

What are the responsibilities of my mentor?
Mentors will set-up the initial meeting of the match. They will maintain a confidential and
trusting relationship. Mentors will provide guidance, as requested, using personal experiences
to offer perspective.

What happens when the one year mentoring timeline expires?
After one year, The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce will no longer be facilitating the match. Most matches will dissolve at the end of the match period. Matches can choose to continue meeting on their own without support from The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce Mentor Program Committee.

What happens if the mentor or mentee is not responsive?
The other party will contact the Mentor Program Contacts and they will work to resolve the issue.

Who are the Mentoring Program Contacts?
Mary Bounds ( and Aisha Campbell (